Daylight and cold weather should never dictate what part of our home we should avoid. Smart home technology is so advance that not even the garden should be forgotten about any time of year. A home is always people’s biggest investment, the use of your whole home should an option 365 day a year, at just one press of a button.

The garden is a place for our clients to escape and be creative. The garden isn’t usually a practical part of the home, like the kitchen or bathroom, it’s the tranquil part of the home, where you should always have the opportunity to escape to and enjoy, especially after a hard day at work.

Light up your garden

At The Solent Electronic Home, we can give you the control of your garden to enjoy all year round. When family members get home from work and school in the winter, your home appears smaller. As soon as you shut that front door, you’ll see is darkness through every window in the home, it can feel isolating. You can understand why people’s moods change in the winter!

A garden at night time should feel like a new room in your home. Lighting gives you the chance to enhance different parts of the garden that can’t be done during the day.

Lighting up your garden can be gained with modern lighting sources, which are economical to buy and to run and you can enhance your enjoyment of your garden by installing structural lighting at key points.

How would you enjoy your garden lighting display all year round?

In the summer, you can enjoy the garden late into a summer evening, hosting BBQs for your guests. Bed time can wait, gain your relaxation through enjoyment of being in your garden. Or in the winter, enjoy your garden from the inside of your home. Whilst sat watching TV near your open fire, have a full view of your garden through patio doors. No longer will your home feel smaller in the winter.

All lighting can be controlled by you! A controller is installed by us to give you the option of multiple presentations of your lighting. Your lighting becomes a light show, to show off your home all year round.

Safety First 

Also, don’t forget the safety aspect of increased lighting around your home. No more dark alleyways, each part of the outside of your home is lit up to increase security.

So, this is how we help many homes in the UK to enjoy their garden all year round. Hibernation doesn’t need to be a must on winter evenings. Enjoy your WHOLE home and love your garden all year round. Visit our website for more information