Smart home solutions are not just for luxury homes. Homes across the UK can now benefit from Smart Home Solutions and make their homes work for them!

Thanks to advancements in technology, you don’t need a Porsche on the driveway or room for a swimming pool in the garden to gain the benefits of your home working for you at your fingertips.

The best way to explain the cost for a smarter home from The Solent Electronic Home is through a recent install for a family in Portsmouth. They wanted the full smart home experience for the new extension on their home, the family room. The full Smart Home Solution spec was:

The total cost was £3,000

They were so impressed with the smart installations The Solent Electronic Home carried out, they now have plans for the whole house to benefit from smart home solutions, the brief is now:

Home cinema system with video

But don’t think you have to have the full smart home experience for your home. Smart home solutions are designed around your home and your needs, selecting the right solutions for you is what we do.

Smart Home Technology is not just there to look stylish and show off to friends and family, solutions are really changing how homes live their lives. Busy homes are now supported with technical help at a touch of the button, from inside, and outside the home. This is not just giving families convenience, but saving them money as well on their energy bills.

Give The Solent Electronic Home a call to discuss how Smart Home Solutions can help your family life at an affordable installation price.