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Create the cinema experience at home

Just imagine what it would be like to walk into your own Home Cinema, pick up the controller, select a film off the controller screen and press SELECT….the window curtains close, the screen curtains draw back, the lights dim and the projector comes to life, showing you the starter images while the sound system plays you into the film.

This is the life.

The Solent Electronic Home provide a complete, bespoke, home theatre design and installation service for the ultimate home cinema experience. We can build this anywhere, in a living room, in a dedicated room, new attic space or basement.  The home cinema design will take all of this into consideration.

Home Theatre Projector and Screen

The Projector and its Screen have to be able to provide an image which provides the required immersion effect for the audience. So the image has to be of good enough quality and big enough so that the film content becomes the most important thing in the room. Not all projectors are suitable for watching films, some are designed for presentations and do not have the speed of response required for a home cinema projector.

Home Cinema Media Sources

The media player can be a DVD or BluRay player or a media server with films recorded by means of an internet provider or from ripped media.

Immersive Surround Sound

The surround sound amplifier and loudspeakers have to reproduce the sound faithfully and make the most of the digital audio which is supplied with most movies now. To this end the better amplifiers have a microphone provided for the set up of the amplifier at first use so that unnecessary echos and dead spots are eliminated. Loudspeakers must also blend in with the decor and look good.

Complete Home Theatre Control

The Home Theatre controller provides a simple means of controlling the home theatre equipment without having to use 5 or 6 remote controls. This can be achieved either with a single remote control or with a touch screen or sometimes with verbal commands.

The surrounding home automation system can provide information about what is happening outside the cinema room to those in the cinema room and this can provide useful security information to enhance the safety of the audience.

Find out how a Home Theatre can improve your home by contacting The Solent Electronic Home today to discuss your needs.

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