Burglary is on the rise year on year. The Metropolitan Police confirmed in January 2018 that crime rates have been increasing by 21% each year.

This is a scary statistic, and the police are working hard to bring this figure down, however more can be done by us to stop, limit and recording incidences to protect our home and family, thanks to smart home technology.

Wireless solutions has completely changed the way we live. People are controlling different points in their home from one tap or swipe on their phones, wherever and whenever. Wireless technology has made security the most popular choice for smart home technology in the home, due to the need for security solutions rather than a want.

Life outside the home



We seem to be a nation of working longer hours, more opportunities to travel or just out socialising a lot. This can make our homes a target, however, the home doesn’t need to be a ‘sitting duck,’ you can monitor and control your home where and when you need to and take the action needed to protect your home.

There are so many benefits to the home security solutions we offer and the solutions can overlap with other needs for the home, e.g. assisted living (know your loved ones are safe at home), wireless lighting solution used for security and comfort in the home.

Everyone is King of their castle

Your home doesn’t have to be a 7-bedroom country estate to need home security, and you don’t need a massive budget to protect your home. We all love our home, and even if it hasn’t got top of the range electronics or a large collection of art, it’s still our home, with valuables loved and cherish by us. This is why we offer a complete range of home security options to suit all types of homes.

We have partnered with Loxone to offer a wide range of solutions for our clients. They are one of the leading manufacturers of smart home solutions in the UK, with home security being a leading part of their technology portfolio.  Here are some examples of detecting and alarming a burglar is getting into a home.

Detecting – Loxone Window Handle Air

The handle provides all en-compassing protection against burglary via windows and doors. The handle can detect if it’s been opened, closed and has a shock detector to detect of any breakage of the door and window. All this can be detected and notified instantly through software on your phone or other device chosen. This solution allows the homeowner to make the next steps to make sure their house is safe.

This solution is quick to install by us, no wires needed and inexpensive. This solution works well as a stand-a-lone solution and can also be part of a tailored home security solution.

Alarming – Motion Sensor

This solution goes one step further than detecting a burglar entering into your property, the motion sensor sets off a loud alarm to make it clear to the burglar and people close to the property. The homeowner will also be informed there has been a break-in through the wireless software to their device.

This solution is a fantastic multi use solution. Not only does the motion sensor protects your home, but the solution can also be used to activate lighting and music.

The perfect solutions for all our clients

We would recommend that home security is not a stand-a-lone solution. A mixture of detection and alarm products are needed for a complete home security solution so every access point of the home is covered and fast action can be taken. Every home is different, this is why we offer tailored home security for each of our clients which can be briefed to the client in one visit of the home.

You can find out more about investing into home security for your home on our security page here or give us a call.