For years now, we have moved on from just turning on the TV and putting in a DVD to watch a film. This was fine when a film was just about the plot line and the film’s leading actors. Film makers every year are enhancing viewing performance. I’m not just talking about 3D vision, there’s a long list of graphic enhancements film makers rely on for viewers to gain the ultimate viewing pleasure, from their own home.

Real as possible is not enough

Due to these technology enhancements in film making, audience groups demand a lot more viewing pleasure. It’s not about making the film seem as real as possible, we’re now going beyond the real world. Audiences don’t want realism any more, we have entered into a new dimension with film making where creativity is endless and they want to go on this journey in these new worlds.

It’s fantastic that film makers can offer this, however if home technology can’t support this high viewing performance, it doesn’t matter how much you watch the film, you’re not going to have the full impact as achieved in the cinema.

Basics to gain perfect home cinema in the home

At The Solent Electronic Home, we work with our clients to design a tailored home cinema solution for their home to achieve the best performance viewing from any film. We look at the following areas to evaluate the perfect solutions:

In conclusion to the question, how do you watch films the way Oscar Winning Directors want us to watch? The answer is the right tailored solution for your home, with easy controls and then you have the perfect home cinema solution to enjoy each film the way you should.

No solution fits all clients, this is where our installation services tailor the solutions to match the requirements needed in your home. From a free consultation, we can make sure you have a home cinema solution designed especially for your home. You can find out more here