It’s rare that a client comes to us for a smart solution to control only one aspect to their home. Over the years clients are understanding more of the benefits of a complete smart solution, which can control multiple parts of the home, from one device and even remotely.

Our clients can control their home cinema, audio, lighting, security, assisted living, blinds, and heating from a central device (in-house or remotely).

Previous Client

Back in 2017, we designed a smart solution project for a basement apartment in West Hampstead, in London. The apartment was purchased two years before. The owner wanted to revamp to provide a comfortable, modern living space for a single retired person. The flat consists of Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Utility spaces complete the picture with a garden as well.

Smart home solution was important to this project. A state-of-the-art, centralised, smart-home solution was required to control heating, lighting, security, and comfort features such as window blinds. In addition to providing immediate control of the apartment, this would be adaptable to future needs as the occupant gets older and less agile.

The smart solution for the project

Loxone was chosen as the operating system. This is a well-known and popular operating system with huge capability in its own eco-system, but also offers the flexibility to interface to many other, different, manufacturers of home equipment such as blinds, heating and cooling equipment and security solutions.

The Results

The Solent Electronic Home provided centralised controls for heating, lighting and security. The biggest benefit of our client’s smart home solution were the controls. Our client can control all aspects of their multiple smart solution using internal wall switches, smart-phone apps and tablet apps. They can also be monitored and operated remotely over the internet. Not only can our client save money on their energy bills, but they protect their home by using the app remotely. Security cameras were also installed and security features in the flat include window and door contacts.

This work was finished in 2017 and the total cost came to £6500 ex VAT including installation supervision.

Keep on adding to your smart solution!

One of the greatest benefits of smart home solutions is the flexibility. At any time, a client can add more to the smart home solution or adapt to allow for changes in their home (e.g. extending or loft conversion). Our client on this project asked us back to add a couple of upgrades, including control of 3 Somfy blinds on garden windows and control of 3 internorm blinds on street-facing windows. This control has been achieved using Loxone components and will enable the heating controls to lower the blinds to reduce solar gain on sunny days.