Control Systems

Amid a great deal of technology everywhere onboard, we know that the ability to have stress-free control over the ambience of the entire yacht’s living space is a must. That’s why one central control with a user friendly interface is at the heart of everything we create. We are specialists in the installation of intuitive systems to control every aspect of the entertainment experience, and more, at the touch of a button.

Our systems can be programmed to control almost every electronic device on board including lighting, blinds and curtains, heating, security systems, audio and video settings, and any on-demand library selection and management. No matter how big or small a system, our approach is highly personalised, responding to the client’s exact brief and working to ensure that the system is flexible enough to keep pace with their requirements.

Lighting is an essential part of the design for the look and feel of a yacht, and our systems ensure simple control over external and internal lighting, using the same intuitive interfaces that form the base of all our packages.

The choice of lighting system used is dependent on the circuits required on board, and we work with a range of lighting manufacturers and designers that give our clients a choice to suit their requirements.

Our team is able to assist with the design and integration of a simple and stylish lighting system that works harmoniously with the overall wiring and control system.

At the foundation of any AV network is the structured cabling. It connects all AV servers, control systems, lighting and other devices together, allowing multimedia traffic to be routed quickly around the yacht. A crucial aspect of the network infrastructure is the use of the correct cabling and its installation to ensure the networks run at their full potential.