Custom Installs is exactly that – every Customer’ project is different. There are a number of base elements to SMART Home technology, however they can all be applied in a number of ways and in a vast number of configurations.

Then, of course we have the layout of your property. So, every installation is different and each presents challenges for us to rise to by applying our knowledge and expertise.

We are not ashamed to keep emphasising that attention to detail, coupled with listening and working closely with our customers, is at the core of The Solent Electronic Home’s ethos.

We walk customers through the complete process extracting all the important characteristics about the layout of the property and agreeing routings and entry and exit points. All potential obstructions can be worked around.

There are many elements to consider to make a customer’s installation as unobtrusive as possible, whether it is a new build with “blank canvas” or a refurbishment. Whether it is a hard wired installation or a retrofit wireless installation – we are sympathetic in our installation planning.

We are also experienced in external installations. From driveway gates opening to video entry systems. From impressively illuminating the front of your property to discreetly mood lighting a secluded area in the garden or patio area.

From having outside concealed speakers to funky multi- directional ornamental speakers. From discreetly positioned CCTV cameras to motion sensors located on out buildings.

Our installation is the point of delivery, the delivery of your dream. We will do EVERYTHING to ensure it is completed in the shortest time, with the minimum of disruption, with maximum adherence to your guidance, to the highest quality in both appearance and performance.

We take so much pride in our reputation for professionalism and our desire to deliver you your dream that we have NO hesitation in providing ALL customers with a 12 month warranty on our workmanship.

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