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Your garden should be lived in 365 days a year, not just the Summer!

Daylight and cold weather should never dictate what part of our home we should avoid. Smart home technology is so advance that not even the garden should be forgotten about any time of year. A home is always people’s biggest investment, the use of your whole home should an option 365 day a year, at […]

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Smart home solutions are not just for luxury homes

Smart home solutions are not just for luxury homes. Homes across the UK can now benefit from Smart Home Solutions and make their homes work for them! Thanks to advancements in technology, you don’t need a Porsche on the driveway or room for a swimming pool in the garden to gain the benefits of your […]

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Our clients’ smart home just keeps on getting smarter!

It’s rare that a client comes to us for a smart solution to control only one aspect to their home. Over the years clients are understanding more of the benefits of a complete smart solution, which can control multiple parts of the home, from one device and even remotely. Our clients can control their home […]

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How to watch films the way film Directors want us to

For years now, we have moved on from just turning on the TV and putting in a DVD to watch a film. This was fine when a film was just about the plot line and the film’s leading actors. Film makers every year are enhancing viewing performance. I’m not just talking about 3D vision, there’s […]

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Affordable ways to keep burglars away!

Burglary is on the rise year on year. The Metropolitan Police confirmed in January 2018 that crime rates have been increasing by 21% each year. This is a scary statistic, and the police are working hard to bring this figure down, however more can be done by us to stop, limit and recording incidences to […]

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