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Heating just got more affordable

Automating building performance and functionality, including the use of resources like electricity and water, make homes more desirable by lowering energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and offering convenience and comfort for enhanced lifestyles. Our demanding lifestyles mean that being able to monitor and control heating, ventilation, lighting, security & entertainment in a home is a feature that home owners truly value and aspire too.

Intelligently modulating the heating system by monitoring weather forecasts and people occupancy (presence) together with controlling lights more effectively can significantly help reduce energy use. The monitoring, identification and display of energy use in a home also heightens the occupants’ awareness and encourages behaviour change to reduce energy demands further.

Heating Control Systems: Occupancy and Sleeping

One of the key ways of saving energy is not to use it when you don’t need to. Therefore the heating functions interact with the Occupancy and Sleep states to modify controls and setpoints to minimise energy use but keep the fabric of the home safe. In the case of setting Vacation, scheduled calls are not issued but the home is heated should temperatures fall near to the ‘frost’ settings. For Sleep, the setpoints are moved to cooler levels that save energy but allow the home to be returned to comfort levels quickly.

At The Solent Electronic Home we have much relevant experience in controlling any of the new sources of heat for the home, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source heat Pumps, Solar and fossil fuel sources and wood burners. It has become quite common now to see more than one source of heat in the home and these sources interact in different ways and this has to be taken into account in the control system used.

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