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Listen to the sound you have been waiting to hear

Access your music and videos from any room in your home at any time with Multi-Room AV systems by The Solent Electronic Home.

  • No more searching through CD or DVD cases to find the music you want to hear or the film you want to watch. Create the perfect mood by steaming or playing your favourite playlist throughout the entire house for your whole family to enjoy
  • Classical music in the Lounge, Cookery DVDs in the kitchen, and Cartoons in the kids room – all at the same time!
  • Use your iPod or iPad or touch screen or remote control to play music from multiple sources, including your MP3 player, external hard drive or computer

We offer multi-room music and video products that make it easy to listen to your entire music collection or watch your entire film library from anywhere in your home.

Bring Your Own Multi-Room Music

If you, or any of your friends want to stream music or are play music stored stored on phones or tablets, you can connect wirelessly and listen to your music all over the house and control the sound for each room.

Multi-Room, Multi-Tuner Systems

Experience the power of terrestrial, free-view, cable, satellite, radio, and internet technology in the modern home. You can stream multiple sources of video and audio simultaneously throughout your home.  Connect to the projector in the lounge, the LCD TV in the kitchen, and the amplifier in the study – all from a single source.

Whole Home or Individual Rooms?

Digitally stream your music throughout the home easily and affordably. You can have the same music in all rooms, or play different music in each room.

  • 2-channel digital amplifier, 50 watts per channel
  • WiFi and Ethernet versions

At The Solent Electronic Home, we find out what the customer wants, then look for solutions with a variety of costs. We also take into account the technical requirements for the best quality multi-room sound and video. Each room is different with different furnishings and surface textures. All this needs to be considered when delivering the best sound and viewing experience possible.

We have a track record of successfully installing multi-room sound and video systems in different types of home. From listed buildings with a requirement to keep all the technology out of sight, to modern homes with really elegant visual appeal and advanced user interfaces.

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